Yes I said that. Probably twice.

  • What the Shit™

    I put this up because I’m just done with the stupid I run into every day and not calling it out is leaving a bunch of things just not fixed. Done with that. Calling it out.

  • Thank you.

    I’m proud of my race. I built a great campaign, had tons of volunteer support and amazing people joining me, I out-raised everyone, unless you foolishly count self-funding as raising support, and I met and connected with a ton of people. I know my insights and experience would be great on the PSC, but the […]

  • An Amendment

    Should a Governor, elected member of the Montana House of Representatives or Montana Senate have voted for, in the legislature, and signed, in the executive, a bill that becomes law that is found to be unconstitutional by the Montana State Supreme Court, their term in office expires at Noon the next day, and their seat […]

  • AT&Teabaggers

    It’s once again time to realize that creating monopolies is a bad thing, and we’ve had several weird ones that we broke up in the past. Railroads. Movie studios and their theaters. The Bell system. Today we’ve got a new one, Amazon, which is both publisher and distributor for many books and because they don’t […]

  • The Ridiculous HB 492

    Today I had to give testimony at the Montana Legislature because, once again, someone with all the technical know-how of a mushroom decided they know how to operate my business. What a mess. Here’s my testimony: You may want to send testimony as well, because this bill is the absolute worst. To find your legislator, […]

  • Just plus it up

    A Good Game Console. A Privacy-First Router. A HomeKit Hub. All in one and for a reasonable price. It’s within Apple’s grasp to do this, and they really should.

  • Insurrection and the 14th

    First off, this is compiled from my tweetstorm, but it’s probably easier to read here. Just a couple quick ideas for how the next meeting of the US Senate should go, once our two new Georgia senators @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock are sworn in because it seems that this could be fun. (also hat tip to […]

  • AVFE

    An acronym for Anti-Vaxxer/Flat-Earther, and it’s pronounced as if you are about to energetically argue against ignorance and idiocy only to quickly realize that you cannot fix stupid, so you end up merely sighing heavily as you realize the world is going to just burn to the ground anyway because of the morons around us. […]

  • A Nice Tan?

    He’s tall. She didn’t jump. She could hear herself breathing, but she wasn’t startled. She didn’t understand why she wasn’t startled. She had locked the door. She clearly remembered locking the door. He’s blond, too. She opened her mouth to ask something, but nothing emerged. He smiled, slightly, a curve to his lips and a […]

  • Tumblr-dry


    or The Case For Verizon to Support Net Neutrality One of the most fascinating self-destructions lately has got to be Tumblr’s change to not let “explicit material”, or as we adults call it, “porn”, be viewed on the site. Or in the app. In case you missed the reasoning, Apple did the right thing in […]

  • Trump Fixin’ Nixon

    We’re live in interesting times. It’s something that I’ve been looking at and wondering about without a lot of hope, so I’m writing this down. I’m not sure it completely makes sense, but it’s a start. We have a problem. It started with Nixon. We might be able to solve it with Trump. Hear me […]

  • Finally! Closed Captions in FCPX

    You might have read my complaint that Apple, the tech leader in all things accessibility, somehow had managed for nearly two decades to not bother with Closed Captions in their media software for professionals. While adding in tools for effects, for color grading, key, multi-cam, and so many other useful tools, we all were stuck […]

  • Another Opening Night

    Time to fix a thing, my friends! Please copy the bit below and please send an email to with your name on it. Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHEREAS the current downtown has vibrant pockets of evening events that bring business to the area in the hours leading up to 10pm, and, WHEREAS the events such as […]

  • Apple & Accessibility & FCPX – Forgotten Again

    Today Apple have released some amazing videos about the great work they do with accessibility. And it is great work, don’t get me wrong. The fact that these abilities are built into the systems of Mac and iOS is perhaps the best sign that Apple is interested in more than just profits, they truly do […]

  • Updating the phones

    Because Ubiquiti can’t put these someplace easy to find: SipService.apk UnifiPhone.apk The ridiculous thing is that I had to type this in because the page it’s on, the links they built, and the dumb involved in that has caused me to lose my mind. But whatever, the links go to their static servers, so it’s […]