Your passwords suck

Ok, so this is going to be brief: YOUR PASSWORDS SUCK.

To be quite honest, MY PASSWORDS SUCK, TOO.

That’s why, a few years back, I stopped using my passwords. I didn’t stop using passwords, as it’s not like I’ve got some super-secret tool on my computer that recognizes me, enters secure credentials to all sites and tools that I use, and also makes me coffee and snacks. No, sadly, that day hasn’t yet arrived.

I started using 1Password from Agilebits. I cannot recommend this application enough. Saves my ass all the time, and I want everyone, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, to be using it.

The only problem is that it’s got a learning curve, but it’s not that bad of one, and you should take the time to learn to use it, and if you have problems, call me. I’ll gladly walk you through it because I’m tired of waking up to notes from friends with “I’ve used 85% of my 1TB data cap this month.”


  1. Who gets a fucking terabyte data cap?!? That’s massive!
  2. You used almost a terabyte in less than a month? WOW!
  3. Oh, wait, YOU WERE HACKED.

Yeah, change your passwords to better passwords from 1Password. Now.






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