You don’t get to fish with dynamite, Mr. Holder

This is just incredible. I don’t know what Eric Holder thinks, but I’ve been willing to let some other things, which may or may not have happened during his tenure at the Justice Department, a pass because sometimes people make mistakes and shit goes awry. That’s part of life.

But a few months ago the department came out with the legal justification for using drones against U.S. citizens. That gave me pause, but I wanted to see how it’s is still going to play out.

Until now. Now they are going after our ability to know what they are up to in our name. That’s unacceptable.

Mr. Holder, if you want to find the leak, you better do your search IN YOUR OWN DEPARTMENTS. You can check who does what on the inside, and not go fishing in the emails of the press. You should know better, as you should’ve about the drones. I suspect it’s time for you to resign. The job has gotten away from you, and your inability to realize that your department is not here to defend the administration, or any one person, but instead is there to protect all Americans, and yes, that’s a tough job, and it’s difficult to find the balance that actually does that very thing, but not impossible. If you can’t find it, you need to step down.

And? You. Can’t. Find. It.






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