Ye shall reap what ye sow

Frigide-Barjot_galleryphoto_paysage_stdAnd so it goes. The leader of the anti-equality Manif Pour Tous, Frigide Barjot (pictured), is scared to attend a rally because she has gotten threats from the French Spring, which is a far-right fascist group bent on destroying the republic, and supposedly also from the gays and gay allies, although what proof of that is unavailable.

She has sown hate. It is time for her to reap the fruits of her labor. And if she’s uncomfortable with the results, tough shit. It’s her own damn fault.


(h/t to JoeMyGod)


A-SNIDE: When I first read her name I thought “Frigid Barjot” was a tacky-and-unenlightening pun on Brigitte Bardot, and had to do some research that the actress/model/activist was not fighting against us. As far as I can tell, she’s not, although if you mess with her animals she might take you out.






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