So tonight I was finally over the massive headache, which I describe as a migraine but, given that it was less than 20 hours long and didn’t actually cause me to die, it might not be a migraine. Foul, horrible, tragic, but I supposedly survived.

I revived just in time for the sun to go down, which meant I was up by 5 pm, because it’s already winter, apparently. But revive, I did, and I revived to find that a story that’d been floating around the back of my mind for a couple of weeks had flourished a bit, and was ready to grow. Into something interesting, I hope. So I typed. And typed. And I finished what I think is a good first chapter. And I’m going to keep going, with a new chapter each night, so I should be done with this in just over two weeks. Anyone want to read it? I’m going to post them, although they will have their own blog and be locked from the public. If you want to read it, send me a note to kev at this domain dot com, and I’ll give you a password.






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