Write it down, make it real

They say that if you write it down and make a commitment to it that you’ll actually follow thru. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m going to try. I have a goal.

I have a HUGE goal.

As many of you know (and since I’ve got 6 readers, actually all of you know) that I’ve been working for RED for a while now. While it’s subject matter is gay and rather sexy, it’s not porn, just so we’re clear on that. What we do have, tho, is a model shoot of a hot guy, and regardless of what he is or isn’t wearing, we don’t show it all. We do show a lot. We just don’t show it all.

So yeah, my goal is to be the cover model for the December 2006 RED magazines. As we will have at least 4 cities by then, that would be HUGE. Plus, in order to get to be the model for then, I have to be in shape by October of 2006, which is, if you’ve glanced at the calendar, just one year away.

I would post a before picture. But it’s going to be breakfast when all six of you are reading. And no one wants to see Cheerios spit across the table.






3 responses to “Write it down, make it real”

  1. Lori Hamm Avatar
    Lori Hamm

    I think I could find a picture of you from about 1974-5 that you could use as the before shot….


  2. Lori Hamm Avatar

    OK – so last night you couldn’t ichat because you were doing yoga, which is part of your makeover routine probably. Are you sveldt yet? Is this going to take a long time? :-)

  3. Julie Maloney Avatar
    Julie Maloney

    So, I’m a bit behind on reading this — but good for you! That’s a GREAT goal. Keep at it!

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