Where are we going? And what are the handbaskets for?

2helenahandbaskets_imgBlogging is all the rage these days. It seems that everyone is doing it. In fact, it’s so popular that even my mother has picked it up. She’s funny and snarky and quite possibly illegal in 7 states, but there is no one else quite like her. She’s in Montana, pounding away at the insanity of the political process in a state that’s 4th largest in acreage and 4th smallest in population.

She may not win a Pulitzer this year, but she could easily claim a scalp or two, since they’ve got a:

  • Democrat for governor who is all about ripping up the land across the state so that all the coal can be used for fuel – very environmental forward, that guy
  • Republican Senator facing problems because he:
    1. shoots from the hip (like most Montanas)
    2. but keeps forgetting to remove the gun from his holster (unlike most Montanans), thus
    3. hitting his own foot almost every time
  • so his public appearances end with his foot in his mouth
  • whining about his wounds
  • just as if he was from North Dakota!

Regardless of the goings-on, she’ll have some opinion, usually dripping in her everyday’s-a-holiday-favorites — Frank, Intense and Mirth.






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