When it rains in Houston…

It apparently gets stupid. Look, I’m all for having clumps of stupidity in life so that there are, by lack of those clumps, hopefully equally-large or larger clumps of non-stupidity, which isn’t the same as intelligence, mind you. You see, stupidity is when two friends die within 3 days of each other, randomly, unexpectedly, and in ways you wouldn’t have bet or thought up in your wildest moments of suffering through Alanis Morrisette proclaiming all things ironic, followed a mere month later by your car getting hit in the driver’s door, with a loverly dent resulting, followed by a windshield chip from a rock falling from the 610 loop interchange at Hwy 59 as it crosses like a high-flying ribbon of concrete through the smogged air, followed by having a manhole scrape the oilpan from the bottom of your car. Oh, and let’s not forget that someone decided they needed the antennae more than me and removing it. I suspect there is a homeless man now learning to fence with it.

I will ask that you go back and re-read the bit about a manhole removing an oil pan. I will be filming the area a bit later today, both for my insurance and for the world at large, and perhaps the local news, which has lacked for any other news outside of Iraq, D.C. or my personal favorite, The Hammer, Tom DeLay. I prefer to call him the wrench, as he’s much more likely to twist something out of you than actually smack you upside the head. Regardless, he’s a tool and should be forced to ride Houston’s lightrail which he deliberately mucked up. He should be strapped to the front of the lightrail car and forced to pray that it doesn’t hit another car.

But I digress. Anyway, the car is gong to be towed to the dealership to be looked at, and hopefully all is well and it can be fixed for relatively cheap, but I suspect I’m going to have to pitch forth the deductible yet again.

Oh well, at least this time the car hit a manhole and not the Mormons. I don’t know that the LDS Church would have been too damned pleased to get another accident report like that, although I’m sure that Our Lady of Bourbon and Bowel Movements would love the story!






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