What’s that smell? Oh!!

Well, it’s that time of year again, and that means that yards shall soon sprout weeds of a different color, people will start arguing over who is better for what, and, of course, ‘bologna’ will once again be the meat of the day – even during Lent. Why? Because it’s time to campaign!

Yes, gentle readers, the woodwork shall soon be busted with all those whacky politicians springing forth. Expect way too much red, white and blue, and an elephant and a donkey shall rule the roost. (Aside: Why would parties choose animals so easily mocked? Just wondering. Fat and Never forgets vs. Jackass. Johnny Knoxville must have been involved.)

Anyway, it also means that several of them will be getting support from yours truly who will attempt to give them some help in the old communication game. So yeah, it’s the way of the world, I guess. More later!






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