What not to ask in times of Hurricanes

So I get a call from a friend who asks if I’m evacuating, and of course, I say I’m not. Not because it isn’t a good idea to get out of the way of a storm that will have 100+ mph winds when it hits DALLAS, but because there is no place to go that is going to be safer without leaving the state, really. And I didn’t leave in time for that. Right now, it’s taking about 8 hours to travel 15 miles on parts of the freeways that lead away from the coast.

So then he asks, “How are you preparing?”

“I’m getting a lawn chair and a kite and I’m going to try for a free trip to Bermuda. HOW. DO. YOU. THINK!?!”

But I’m perfectly calm.







2 responses to “What not to ask in times of Hurricanes”

  1. Lori Hamm Avatar
    Lori Hamm

    Again I am concerned about your upbringing. You cannot possibly get to Bermuda in a lawn chair with a kite. Certainly your physics classes in highschool taught you that even in a hurricane the basic laws of nature would require at least a king sized sheet, if not a parachute to go that far. A kite will only get you to Brownsville.

  2. Chris Smith Avatar

    Kevin, Kevin, Kevin… Bermuda sounds good. I will meet you there. Hopefully you make it. If not, farewell dear friend! (btw – you better not sit out in the yard during that storm, you might get whacked by a pine needle.

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