Wait a minute, fucktard…

FINALLY someone in the Senate is worried about the destruction of tapes, and is going to bring hearings to find out about why they were destroyed and what they contained. I hear that, and think “Fuck! Finally!” and then, I realize there is a problem.

You see, they aren’t talking about the CIA Torture Tapes. Nope. Can’t investigate those. Nothing to see there. Move along. Move. Along.

No, the tapes they are talking about are the tapes that the Patriots, supposedly, allegedly, made of their competition the day prior to a Super Bowl appearance. And who is the fuckwit in charge of investigating this life-threatening, freedom-destroying and wholly-non-illegal (yes, it’s against NFL rules, but those aren’t fucking laws, asshat) event? Why, Senator Arlen Spector.

Fuck him. Get him the fuck out of the Senate right this very minute. This is beyond stupid, beyond unconscionable, beyond ridiculous.






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