Me in a tutu

1146563_10153148081195344_1225960317_nI’m assured that there are several people who would laugh till they pee if confronted with the sight of me dancing in a pink tutu, and so I’ve got this proposition for you: MAKE ME.

Here’s how:

I’ve been asked to be in the fundraiser for the Queen City Ballet, and I was talking it over with Campbell (the director here), and here’s the dealio:

I’m going to collect pledges from all of you wonderful people. If enough of you pledge money, there will be something spectacularly amazing happen at the show!

What is it? Well, first the money. I want to raise $1,500 for QCB.

If, collectively, we can reach $1,500, I’ll be dancing my number in bright pink tutu and leotard and tights.

I don’t know why anyone would like to see this, but I’m told they would. And I’m always up for this sort of random stuff. This post is public, please put your pledge amount in the comments (here or on Facebook) and let’s see what we can do.

You can find out more about the event here:






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