To Kick or Not to Kick


As many of you know, I’ve been writing a book, and it’s going quite well:

But it’s now at the point where it’s eating into my brain in a way that’s distracting when I’m trying to get everything else in place for the upcoming season of football and basketball. Such fun. Really.

I want to focus on the book, tho, and I need to pay my bills, so I’m hoping that people can help me out. I’m putting together a kickstarter for this, and I want to know if y’all think this is a good idea, a bad idea, don’t care, will help, won’t help, might help, can’t help, or whatever. I’m interested in your thoughts. So share, and let me know what you think.

A couple of things:

  • Yes, I will produce the book. It’s literally forcing its way out of my head, so it’s going to be written anyway, but it should be faster if I can get the support of y’all to do this.
  • I will be making some promo stuff as gifts for the giving levels, and have pretty much figured those out. I will definitely post more as I lock things in.
  • I want to make sure that everyone is involved in some fun ways, so I’ll be producing a “Readers List” of backers, above a certain level, who will get copies as I’m pumping them out. These won’t be edited copies, they will be the rough drafts that fly out of my fingers, but that doesn’t mean you have to edit them. You can if you want, and feedback is always appreciated, but it’s more for you to have proof it’s getting done and going well.
  • I’m not above selling the names in my book. You can buy one for a friend or for yourself. It’s cool. That’s definitely a backer level, although not a cheap one.
  • I intend to eventually sell this to a publisher as there are continuations to the story that will become other books. So, provided this one doesn’t liquify my brains out my ears, this will be the start of something cool. If my brains liquify and I don’t even return to writing, this will be a collectors item. Win-Win.

So, thoughts? Let me know.






2 responses to “To Kick or Not to Kick”

  1. Wendy Blackwood Avatar

    Kick. Kick hard, I am entirely intrigued by the things that come out of your head, and would happily contribute to your delinquency.

  2. Kev Hamm Avatar

    I don’t know that it’s being delinquent to be writing 4,500 words per day. (It totally is!)

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