Time to (re)start writing!

Wow, sorry about that folks. I had a good run there for a few weeks, and then it was all HOLY SHITBALLS OF MADNESS WHERE DID MY DAY GO.

And now I’m not really back, but I’m trying (hard) to reshuffle my days so that I get a bit of writing done before I go bonkers with all the crap that’s stuck in my head. That said, I haven’t really done any. But my first thing is to finish a screenplay that has been rattling around in my fermented grey matter for roughly three years.


That’s just dumb. Anyway, I was tooling around this morning catching up on my blogs when I saw this post at Daring Fireball. Just in case you missed it, it’s a new font, and it’s free, and it’s pretty damn great for those of us writing screenplays.

Which should be all of us.






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