The Winds are Coming!

Well, it’s about 1 pm on Friday, and lo and behold, we have wind. Rita has turned and seems to be looking for her Evil Sister, Katrina, and might miss Houston for the most part, let Galveston live without too much flooding, and would hit a city that’s already been devastated. The race to find out how it’s going to happen is on, and the various meteorologists on the TV stations are losing their minds as they try to figure out just what the hell is going on. It’s rather amusing to watch their faces as they realize that they don’t know a damn thing, which is, of course, something we’ve known for years as we’ve dealt with their inaccurate and amazingly wrong guesses. Quite fun! Now if we could just get the FEMA officials to realize they are equally as lost…






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  1. Lenore Caldwell Avatar

    Hey Kevin, I just spoke with Tricia and she told me your situation. I had forgotten you were in Houston…thought you were still up in Maine (it’s the pits getting old). I’ve always wondered what hunkered down meant. Let me know when you discover first-hand. I’m guessing it means you bend your knees, cover your head with your arms, and scream like a child. I think that way the wind won’t break off an extremity, and if you are hurled into the air, someone else will hear you coming before you land. Anyway, I’ll be checking the website and watching the news for flying objects.
    your friend,

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