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One of the many hats that I wear is of a web developer. I’m not the fanciest, but I’m good at it, and I know what to do where. One of the biggest skills I have is saying “no” to stupid things. And I’ve built a lot of websites myself, hand-coded and raw-photoed, and there have been many stupid things I’ve been asked to do over the years, and I’m perfectly happy to say no, and if the client fights with me about it, they often find they have to find someone else to do it.

And then it becomes a waiting game where they get something that is what they asked for, but isn’t what they need or really want, and 18 months later, I’m re-hired and I get to do it my way.

This isn’t one of those stories, this is a story where a client asked me for something, we chatted, and they agreed with me up-front, and I did a very simple site for them. Quick work, looks good, and does exactly what it should.

If you’ve ever been out and wanted to go to a restaurant with your friends, you’ve run into the issue where you google the business, get the site, and then something hideous loads up, requires Flash, doesn’t work on your phone, and doesn’t have the basic information that you’re actually looking for – what does the place look like, what does it serve, where is it and when is it open. That’s what you need, and really, that’s 90% of what you want on the site. The other 10% is putting up your menus, but that’s really not important, regardless of how your chef feels about it.


And that’s what I did for The Quarry Bar & Grille. I built a simple site, it’s clean, loads quick over the slow cell towers here in Montana, and gives you exactly the information you need right up front. And then the menu if you want to scroll down.

The proof is in the pudding. When the Technology Reviewer for the Chicago Sun-Times says the following:

You know you’ve done it right.






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    Awesome!!!! You’re so good!!!

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