The questions people are asking

If you want to help find out what people are asking Google about the presidential candidates, you can go here and follow the instructions and do so. It’s pretty cool.

Here’s what people in Montana are asking Google the most:

who is mitt romney’s… ‘father’, ‘campaign manager’, ‘wife’, ‘running mate’
what is mitt romney’s… ‘religion’, ‘full name’, ‘campaign slogan’, ‘plan’
what is mitt romney’s plan for… ‘education’, ‘medicare’, ‘america’, ‘healthcare’
what is mitt romney’s plan… ‘for education’, ‘for medicare’, ‘for america’, ‘for healthcare’
what did mitt romney… ‘say’, ‘say in london’, ‘do’, ‘do as governor’
what does mitt romney… ‘stand for’, ‘own’, ‘want to change’, ‘believe’
when is mitt romney going to… ‘israel’, ‘speak at rnc’, ‘speak tonight’, ‘speak at convention’
when is mitt romney… ‘birthday’, ‘going to israel’, ‘speaking’, ‘coming to pennsylvania’
where did mitt romney… ‘go to college’, ‘grow up’, ‘make his money’, ‘go on his mission’
why is mitt romney… ‘bad’, ‘rich’, ‘so stupid’, ‘running for president’
why is mitt romney so… ‘stupid’, ‘rich’, ‘bad’, ‘stiff’
why does mitt romney… ‘want to be president’, ‘walk funny’, ‘have offshore accounts’, ‘hate women’
why didn’t mitt romney… ‘serve in vietnam’, ‘go to vietnam’, ‘pick marco rubio’, ‘choose marco rubio’
how will mitt romney… ‘create jobs’, ‘help the middle class’, ‘win’, ‘balance the budget’
how will mitt romney fix… ‘the economy’, ‘how does mitt romney want to fix the economy’, ‘how does mitt romney plan to fix the economy’
how is mitt romney… ‘so rich’, ‘rich’, ‘going to create jobs’, ‘going to fix the economy’
how did mitt romney… ‘make his money’, ‘save the olympics’, ‘pay for college’, ‘avoid the draft’
how does mitt romney… ‘make his money’, ‘make money’, ‘feel about abortion’, ‘look so young’
how does mitt romney feel about… ‘abortion’, ‘education’, ‘gun control’, ‘unions’
is mitt romney… ‘mormon’, ‘racist’, ‘mexican’, ‘left handed’
is mitt romney a… ‘christian’, ‘mormon’, ‘freemason’, ‘sociopath’
was mitt romney… ‘born in mexico’, ‘in the military’, ‘a democrat’, ‘ever poor’
mitt romney is… ‘an idiot’, ‘a liar’, ‘mexican’, ‘a tool’
did mitt romney… ‘outsource jobs’, ‘serve in the military’, ‘inherit money’, ‘pay taxes’
did mitt romney really… ‘save the olympics’, ‘outsource jobs’, ‘send jobs overseas’, ‘dance gangnam style’
does mitt romney… ‘drink’, ‘have kids’, ‘support abortion’, ‘have a chance’
does mitt romney really… ‘have a swiss bank account’, ‘have a car elevator’, ‘want to be president’, ‘believe in mormonism’

who is barack obama’s… ‘step daughter’, ‘mother’, ‘real father’, ‘running mate’
what is barack obama’s… ‘religion’, ‘real name’, ‘birth name’, ‘ethnicity’
what is barack obama’s plan… ‘to help the economy’, ‘what is barack obama plan’, ‘what is barack obama’s tax plan’, ‘what is barack obama’s healthcare plan’
what did barack obama… ‘do’, ‘do today’, ‘do wrong’, ‘get on his sat’
what does barack obama… ‘stand for’, ‘support’, ‘mean’, ‘think about the economy’
when is barack obama going to… ‘speak at the dnc’, ‘be assassinated’, ‘ireland’, ‘copenhagen’
when is barack obama… ‘birthday’, ‘speaking at the dnc’, ‘dnc speech 2012’, ‘dnc speech’
where did barack obama… ‘go to college’, ‘grow up’, ‘come from’, ‘go to school’
why is barack obama… ‘a good leader’, ‘important’, ‘a hero’, ‘the antichrist’
why isn’t barack obama… ‘at olympics’, ‘at the olympic opening ceremonies’, ‘invited to the royal wedding’, ‘invited’
why is barack obama so… ‘cool’, ‘stupid’, ‘awesome’, ‘hated’
why does barack obama… ‘have purple lips’, ‘hate america’, ‘want to be president’, ‘follow me on twitter’
why didn’t barack obama… ‘serve in the military’, ‘close guantanamo’, ‘attend the royal wedding’, ‘go to the royal wedding’
how will barack obama… ‘be remembered’, ‘die’, ‘change the world’, ‘change america’
how is barack obama… ‘doing in the polls’, ‘a leader’, ‘a good leader’, ‘doing’
how did barack obama… ‘make his money’, ‘meet michelle’, ‘pay for harvard’, ‘become president’
how does barack obama… ‘feel about taxes’, ‘feel about the economy’, ‘feel about gun control’, ‘tie his tie’
how does barack obama feel about… ‘taxes’, ‘the economy’, ‘gun control’, ‘health care’
is barack obama… ‘a muslim’, ‘gay’, ‘black’, ‘a mason’
is barack obama a… ‘muslim’, ‘mason’, ‘christian’, ‘socialist’
was barack obama… ‘born in kenya’, ‘born in the united states’, ‘a foreign exchange student’, ‘disbarred’
barack obama is… ‘gay’, ‘a muslim’, ‘a socialist’, ‘a liar’
did barack obama… ‘change his name’, ‘practice law’, ‘quit smoking’, ‘save ohio’
did barack obama really… ‘kick door’, ‘go to harvard’, ‘skateboard’, ‘graduate from columbia university’
does barack obama… ‘have a stepdaughter’, ‘smoke’, ‘have a son’, ‘still smoke’
does barack obama really… ‘have a stepdaughter’, ‘use twitter’, ‘twitter’, ‘have twitter’

And the decline of our country continues apace.






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