The Power of 3G

I’ve been an iPhone owner since I had moved to California in 2008. I moved back to Helena, Montana in 2009, and kept my service by keeping my California number. As you can see from my prior post, even tho I now have a Helena number, I have the problem of not having the best working phone, but in the middle of that fracas, AT&T actually flipped the switch and activated the 3G towers around Helena.

Amazingly, Boulder, Montana already had their towers activated on March 18th, so I knew this was coming soon, but still.

Holy balls, I can’t believe how amazing this iPhone 4 is on 3G.

Realize, I had the iPhone 3G when I moved back to Helena. It was a great phone, and other than having a crack in the while plastic back, which was replaced twice by Apple, it was an ideal phone. Not the fastest thing ever, but not bad. I didn’t get the 3GS because, frankly, as the data plan didn’t do me any good, the speed improvements were minimal and so I skipped it. This was due to the service I was getting in Montana at the time, which was, I kid you not, GPRS based. If you don’t know what that means, it translates to human as “phone calls only, your text messages will be ridiculously slow and forget data completely”. And I think GPRS actually stands for “Gosh Please Receive & Send” because half the time I couldn’t get calls.

I hate talking on the phone, so that wasn’t a huge issue, and I could get texts, although if they had to be timely, eh.

My friends all think I’m a dork for staying with the phone, but here’s the thing. Way back in late 2008 AT&T announced they were buying the parts of Alltel that Verizon was forced to sell off due to anti-competitive concerns. So long before I moved home, I knew I’d be able to use my iPhone just fine, “soon”.

I didn’t realize that in AT&T’s parlance “soon” meant 28 months. More than 2 years have passed since the announcement and the activation of the towers. Two fucking years. I’d get AT&T a dictionary, but I’m fairly sure at this point they can’t read.

But now the towers are working, and holy is my phone fast and cool. I can use Gowalla everywhere. I can view maps of where I’m at and going in real time. I can make calls! I can receive (most) calls! I can send video right from my phone no matter where I am!

Those 3G towers are awesome. Everyone who is joining AT&T from Alltel, things are going to be awesome for you soon!






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