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As many of you know, I’ve got several podcasts going as well, and it’s been really fun to do these. The first one I started is PoliticktickBOOM, which is an inappropriate name for a politics podcast, but I love it. It’s also been a ton of fun, and I can’t believe that I’ve already done over 30 shows. That’s pretty damned cool, if you ask me. Plus, Marilyn Bennett was the guest this week, and she’s awesome!

Especially because the second podcast I started was the Helena Chamber Singers Rehearsal podcast. I thought I could keep that going through the summer, but not having rehearsal makes that kind of hard. Part of the magic of being in the choir is the entire group learning the music and finding the way to perform it. It’s different for each choir, and the HCS does a great job of doing it well, and really thinking about how they want to present a piece. This podcast will return in the fall with rehearsal starting up, and that’ll be great.

My third show also has taken an unexpected hiatus. When Eddie and I started Martinis in the Morning, it was going to be about all the things that are going on that drive us to drink. Because we’re both pretty passionate about what we think and how we see the world, this will be a great show. Provided that we find time to make it happen again. With Eddie taking a job at the forefront of the Gillan campaign, he’s been super busy, and it’s just not happened. I’m looking forward to when it does, tho.

And last, my new favorite moment of every week has to be This Ends Well, with Kelsen Young and me. We have a great conversation about what’s gone on the last week, cover what’s going on in our lives a bit, and we are funny. I hate listening to myself, which is normal, I’m pretty sure that everyone does, but I’ve listened to our conversations and I laugh, so I’m pretty sure that you will, too. And we just recorded a new show today, so check it out!

If you haven’t listened to the podcasts, I hope you find time and the interest to do so soon. And if you have, please consider ranking them in iTunes or leaving a review. Or hey, contact the show via the websites (,, and and let us know what you think or ask what we think about a topic. We’re always up for that! Cheers!






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