The Other Queen of Mean

I’ve been accused on many occasions of being a Mean Queen, and while I don’t care, some people think it’s a bad thing. I think they’re crazy.

Look, I’m on mean to the people who absolutely deserve it, and it’s because by the time I think they deserve it, they really probably should’ve already been slapped by the pope. I’m not that mean, but once you’ve gone over the line that I see, you’ve gone too far.

And then, there’s Lisa. Look, the broad is amazing. She can, and does, say whatever foul, horrible, nasty, rancid shit she wants, and we still laugh. We know that the joke isn’t the words, it’s the reality that makes those words powerful that’s the joke.

Watch her bit from the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav. I die.

In real life, calling someone a cunt? Bad idea. No one laughs because you’re using the word to hurt someone.

Lisa calling someone a cunt? Hysterical, because she’s pointing out that we’ve given more power to word than we ever gave to the person, or to ourselves.

And on March 1, 2013, Lisa Lampanelli will be performing at the Wilma Theatre in Missoula, MT. It’s just about the end of what’s looking to be like a another bats hit legislative session here in Montana, so I know that Lisa’s act will be a palate cleanser. Yes, imagine it.

You should be going!






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