The Cliff

from the President's twitter:
from the President’s twitter:

I’m getting upwards of a bazillion emails each day from various people in the political world, and all of them seem to be about DUN DUN DUNNNNN! The Cliff! I can’t get over how stupid the whole thing is, and frankly, it’s going to be an amazing game of find-me-if-you-can-stand-my-smell come January. What’s more amazing is that the GOP is willing to play this game.

Here’s how it’s going to play out:

  • The GOP isn’t going to budge so the tax breaks will expire on everyone.
  • The public is going to be pissed because they all know they are going to be paying a bunch more in taxes, which everyone hates.
  • The public will transform into a mob.
  • The GOP is going to try to ride this mob into something useful.
  • The only useful thing for the GOP is a full two years away. TWO YEARS!
  • The mob will turn on the GOP.
  • The GOP will cave and pass not only the tax cuts, retroactively, which they can easily do, they will have to pass the debt ceiling increase at the same time, which was their last bargaining tool, so they’re kinda fucked.
  • They will have spent their entire political capital on a stunt that gets them nowhere with their core voters.
  • The President gets to point and giggle at the GOP.

This has to be the dumbest move ever. They could easily be passing the tax cuts and sign off on it and leave it to the next congress to fix. Not all of them are coming back, and those that are know full-well they are going to have to deal with all this anyway come January. So why add to the headache?

I’ll tell you why. They believe that sticking to their guns and ideals is more important than actually doing the right thing.

This is why it’s not pronounced “eye-dee-all-oh-gee”, but rather “id-ee-all-oh-gee”. Because when you tie yourself so tightly to it, you’re an idiot.






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