The Camp Continues

James and Brad teach the kids a new game as the day winds down.
James and Brad teach the kids a new game as the day winds down.

So it’s Day Three of the CTC Kids Camp, and while we’ve had a few of the normal moments that you expect when you’re dealing with kids ranging in ages from 7 to 14, it’s been a really amazing time.

The kids are funny, creative, and smart, and they are getting the games pretty quickly. They are also kids, and it’s fun to watch them try new games, especially after we’ve told them they will fail.

ASIDE: “You tell them they’ll fail?!? What kind of monsters are you?!?!” I hear you cry. And to you I answer, we are not monsters. We are teaching improv, which is a skill made up of making things up. And when you’re making it up, sometimes you go down the wrong the path, and things go off the rails, and you crash and burn in the valley of darkness and then your metaphors are as bad as this one. It can be horrible. And it absolutely will happen. I’d be a monster if I didn’t tell the kids that the games are hard, really hard, and there is a good chance that they will fail – the adults have failed, so why let the kids face that without warning? So we don’t. We tell them they’ll fail. We embrace failing. And we pick ourselves up and continue on. END OF ASIDE.

So today we decided to play the Alphabet Game. This is a deceptively hard game. Why? You know the alphabet; you have for years. Same thing for the kids. And all your doing is telling a story where your line has to start with the next letter in the alphabet and you go back and forth with a partner, starting someplace random in the alphabet, and you have to get all 26 letters in the right order, and you know what? It’s really complex. But the kids thought we were lying.

Till we had them play it.

Good news: All the kids over 9 years old got through it, and the 10 years or older were pretty good at it after an hour or two. You read that right: AN HOUR OR TWO. We played the game starting with two students, then added two more, and then had the whole group try it, then just took the last few younger kids to see how they’d do. And they made it, at least once, but it was a long game and they all agreed that:

  1. They like the game, and
  2. They want to play it again, and
  3. They really want to not play it right now, tho because it’s hard.
  4. It’s really hard.

So while everyone got to play, and it was a lot of learning, it was a tough game and a long day for all of us. I can’t wait for tomorrow!






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  1. Dan Whyte Avatar
    Dan Whyte

    Only one kid wasn’t paying attention to the teachers. What a proud father I am.

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