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So it’s been a good few weeks of getting people onto the new podcast, which, if you’re not listening to PoliticktickBOOM, I don’t know that we can be friends anymore. Ha! I have no idea what your life is like, but the brilliance of having a podcast is that you can listen when you’ve got the time, and I don’t really worry too much about that. That being said, I do hope you listen to it soon, as it’s really a good show. (I like to think that, you shall not burst my bubble. Or else.)

I want the show to be about the people I’m interviewing but I’m finding it’s really hard to not say what I’m thinking. I’ve always been that guy. You know the type – says what ever his brain is churning through at that moment, without much care for how the rest of the world might see it. I find it entirely entertaining, too. But on this show, it’s

  1. Not about me. (I keep having to tell myself this)
  2. Not supposed to be a debate about political viewpoints (harder than you’d imagine), and
  3. I want the guests to be able to say what they want people to know.

That last bit is the hard part. I’m pretty well-known for my viewpoints because I don’t often shut up about them. If I happen to disagree with you, I will most likely tell you. I find that being open and honest about how you see the world is important, but I also find that some people can’t handle being called out for what they are doing, and especially not when called out for what they are. But how else do you change the world?

I don’t know. That’s why I started the podcast. It’s a safe place for anyone involved in whatever area of politics – citizen, politician, pundit, reporter, observer or caustic asshole (that’d be me) to voice what they see and what they want to do to fix whatever they see as wrong.

So this is my open call to all those who want to be on the show. Right now, I’ve delivered shows on a (mostly) weekly basis and I want to bump that up a bit because we’ve got a week until the filing deadline (thanks to my mom for pointing out that its not April 12th, its March 12th), about 15 till primaries and just 40 until the elections. If I just do one show per week, I won’t even get thru all the Republican candidates for Governor! So expect a few more coming up, and again, if you want to be on the show, in any capacity, please contact me.

I want politics to be less contentious and more about making things better. We have such a huge potential to do the right thing, and it’s time to build bridges between the parties.

Believe me, once built by all of us, we’re far less likely to want to burn them down. No matter how pretty the fires would be.






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  1. Mom Avatar

    I don’t know what calendar you’re using, but filing deadline is closer to six DAYS away than six weeks – Montana candidates have until 5 p.m. on Monday, March 12. Unless maybe you’re a Democrat – and then you have six weeks. LOL.

  2. Pogie Avatar

    I am beginning to worry that I was your least interesting interview/discussion. :)

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  4. Kevin Hamm Avatar

    Don, you were awesome! Have you listened to the show yet?

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