Spy Games

I can’t really get my head around the insanity that is the New England Patriots getting caught illicitly spying on other NFL teams and getting busted so harshly that the coach loses half a million bucks and the team loses a quarter million and a first round draft pick. Compare that with Dubya, who, as a self-proclaimed ‘patriot’ illegally spies on U.S. citizens and, what? Does he lose money? Nope. Does he lose liberties? Nope. Is he impeached? Nope, but he’s probably been given some cobbler. He did lose some goodwill of the people, which he doesn’t care about anyway, and he finagled congress to enact a law that makes what he was doing legal instead of being drubbed soundly for his illegal actions.

So yes, in America, you break the rules and lose money, you illegally misuse the power of your office and you get congress to make it legal for you. Am I the only one who sees the irony?






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