How Sorry Can He Be?

I don’t get it. He didn’t apologize for his ruling, District Court Judge G. Todd Baugh apologized for verbalizing his misogyny. He’s ABSOLUTELY a misogynist, which is horrible and tragic and mystifying, especially as he’s a judge, and his sentencing reflects his bigotry.

How can someone with an unassailable bigotry like this be allowed on the bench? How the hell did he get there in the first place? You can’t tell me that this is the first time that his raging misogyny, his victim blaming, his slut shaming, his incredible apathy towards justice, has reared its ugly head. It’s completely unbelievable.

The US DoJ has an absolute need to review his cases and rulings. Attorney General Tim Fox should investigate him as well. Because everything District Court Judge G. Todd Baugh has ruled on is suspect. Everything.






3 responses to “How Sorry Can He Be?”

  1. Pete McKinley Avatar

    how is this allowed to happen and what can John Q. Public do to ensure it does not continue…?

  2. Kathy C. Avatar
    Kathy C.

    Hit it right on the head, Kevin. Not only would this guy have a juvenile victim of rape stand like Hester Prynne but he would blame and flog her for not keeping that tablet of aspirin in place. Not only are all of his cases suspect, but he has dealt a blow to all victims – how many will now not come forward?

  3. Kev Hamm Avatar

    Vote. Speak up. Never let the victim be victimized a third time by ignoring the situation.

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