Smaller is better

You know, being the business that I’m in, working with tons of digital video files, there’s a very real part of my day that can suck – storage of those files. It used to be a nightmare, because every DV tape was 13GB and for many years, like 2000-2008, drives weren’t Terabytes, they were also measured in GB, and frankly, I ran out of room.

All the time.

Then in late 2008 I saw my first Drobo, and decided I must have one. In fact, I not only have one, but I ended up buying two DroboPros for my company. They’ve been tanks, for the most part. I did have an issue where, I kid you not, 5 of 8 drives in one of the DroboPros suffered instant death, but thankfully, warranties covered the lot. It’s been nearly 3 years of constant use and the DroboPros and their drives have been chugging along like crazy, no problems, no worries.

And now this:

Drobo has some new cool stuff, and it’s connected via Thunderbolt.

I guess it’s time to upgrade my kit, and I can tell you this, the new Drobo mini is at the top of my list. Check it out, here.






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