Shooting Spree

So recently, the ignominious Tim Ravndal has decided that Helena’s gun ordinance is against state law, and that he must, simply absolutely must, save us all from the godless heathens that would take away our guns and make us learn real math in school.

Look, I was nice. I never once said horrible, evil things on the site, and the one snarky part I put up was removed (after I agreed) and my original point was reposted to the forum.

Wait, you haven’t read the forum, have you? Well, here it is. If you’re not a member of Facebook, you can read the page as a PDF here.

I know this is an issue that many people get bent about because they see any infringement as a sign that the government is going to come round them up. It’s been part-and-parcel of living in Montana for as long as I’ve been here, and it doesn’t seem that it’s going away anytime soon.

And I can see where some of the fear comes from, but it’s ironic that the fear of someone coming and taking away private citizens’ property is coming from laws being passed like the lovely eminent domain law. But, look who put it forth:


Now, just to clarify, in case you missed it, Ken Peterson is a fucking bigot and a masssive idiot and a Republican. In fact, he rode the Tea Party wave into office. Same for Howard. And Hollandsworth. Oh, and for Berry, McGillvray, Fitzpatrick, Reichner, O’Hara, Cary Smith, Knox, and Buttrey are all traitors to the cause of keeping personal property as personal property. They introduced a bill that allows a company to take land from private citizens. This should be core to what the Tea Party fights, and frankly, they did, with all the crazy and accuracy we’ve all come to expect from them. So the bill passed.

It was helped by the idiot democrats lead by Erickson, Driscoll, Belcourt, Mehlhoff, Facey & Frank Smith. Why they chose to side with a corporation is beyond me, but I’m pretty sure this is the bill that will come to haunt each and every one as it’s core to the beliefs of everyone on all sides of the political spectrum, that personal property is personal property and shouldn’t be taken away.

Which is a long way of saying that yes, some of the Tea Partier’s fears are founded, but the problem is coming from their allies, mostly, not the people they consider their enemies.

But I digress. My original point of this was to show that once again, the leadership of the Tea Party has gone off the rails and is headed towards a loss on a topic that means a lot to Montanans (which is why they think they can win) but is just a waste of time for our already strapped and overworked city government.

So, Tim, if you’re actually going to go to the meeting and bitch about this law, know that you’re going to have to face me. Because I will be there, and I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to enlighten everyone about your inability to master even basic hygiene, which means that a new mental-health check should be performed on your ability to handle owning a gun. Because while I don’t have an issue with most people having guns, rabid idiots who jump at shadows and see the world as “those who are out to get me” are crazy and shouldn’t be armed. Tim, you’re about 30 seconds away from being another Jared Loughner and while I welcome the day the men in white lab coats come to take you away and we never have to hear from or smell you again, I’m quite positive it won’t be here soon enough to stop you from the damage you’re doing to our society.

Tim Ravndal, and his comrades, like Kristi Allen-Gailushas, are more trouble than they’re worth, and their insanity is what’s ruining our country. I don’t want to stifle his free speech, I just want to make sure I don’t have to listen to it because they’re holding a gun to my head.






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    Good rant, Kev, thanks

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