Ok, I have to preface this with the fact that I’m not laughing about someone dying, directly. I think it’s awful when someone dies, even an enemy who worked for a company that is working on stripping my rights away, hoping to criminalize who I am. I don’t like the company, and I don’t really like anyone who works for them, but I don’t wish them dead. (I wish them eternity at Dore Alley Fest (Link NSFYW), but that’s because I’m creatively dastardly.But I digress.)

Here’s the tweet that set it up:

In case you don’t get it, I work in Marketing/Public Relations/Communications, and I can’t imagine a bigger disaster than having your boss come out and public espouse something that, regardless of if I agreed with it or not, is considered by a good portion of the population to be hate speech. My condolences to his family that he’s died, but it’s got to have been from the stress of the last week of trying to recover from the massive mess that Dan Cathy has made.

Think of a naked firefighter being sent to put out a volcano. That kind of stress will kill you.






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