Sherlock Rides Again

Ok, let’s be quite clear: First, I’m a Mac User, and as my career is based on using the various Pro Applications that Apple produces for those Macs, I’m already in deep. Second, I use T-mobile for my phone service. Why? Because I actually like them. Which is perhaps the weirdest thing in a long, LONG list of weird personal issues traits. Oh, and I’m a fan of the Macalope and Daring Fireball. Go figure.

However, I’m reading the bit where El Macalopo praises the idiot heaping non-shinola about the new fancy-pants activation that Apple developed for the iPhone by using iTunes. Um, WTF?!?!

No, for real. W. T. F!??!!

Look, let me outline what I did when I went from using the RAZR to the RIZR on T-mobile. I called, got my upgrade, had it delivered, and you want to know what I did to activate this fancy new phone? I put in my damn SIM card, the same card that is used in ALL GSM PHONES, and turned the damn thing on. That’s it. And then, to get my contacts onto this phone, i connected via bluetooth and launched iSync, and BAMMO, all my contacts were loaded to the phone.

So, to the asshats at C|Net, how do I get a job blogging for you? The Macalope blogs about Apple, which is fine, but this other twit blogs about things he doesn’t understand and apparently gets paid for it. I think it’s great that for the iPhone you have a bit of software that does the whole syncing thing for you in a clean and obvious way. I think it’s great that Apple cleaned up the syncing process that they developed with iSync 4 years ago, but I find the fact that you have to ‘activate’ a phone that uses a GSM Sim card to be a step that shows that, yes, AT&T was really involved in the iPhone development process after all. And I guess it was a given that Apple would have to give in some way for AT&T to suck it. But having someone at a ‘news organization’ report that this is somehow an improvement just goes to show how horribly bad mobile service in the U.S. really is.

And Don Reisinger can suck it, too.






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  1. division100 Avatar

    Ohh and on the iPhone… who really cares. It’s not world peace or anything.

    As a Apple user (since before the Mac / early 80’s), I love a Mac… but increasingly find Apple irritating when it comes to some of their other products which, in Europe, only offers half of what you get in the states, as they haven’t bothered to get good content licensed (like TV/Movies/Film/etc.)

    The Archos404 let’s you record TV/Movies/Film, sounds better and has a bigger screen. you can manage files without a computer at your side, read PDFs, the list goes on…

    In my view, Apple is great, but they (like many American companies) need to stop telling the world how great they are if they can’t be bothered delivering on it outside of the US.

    Just my views…

    All the best bud!

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