Seventy Freaking Pounds

So yesterday was a great day to step on the scale. Actually, that’s just weird, because it’s rather odd to think that a scale reading of 308.2 lbs. is a good thingâ„¢, but there it is. The fact that when I started this brouhaha back at the beginning of the year the scale said 378, it’s pretty damn awesome to be down SEVENTY POUNDS.

As one of my other friends commented “You lost an Olsen twin!”

Look, I’m not bragging, because the truth is, I’m fucking shocked. I’m amazed that this is happening, and while I realize that it’s mostly about changing how I work in my life, it’s still one of those weird things that, for whatever reason, never worked or stuck before. The one big part of this is Isagenix. I can’t thank Kelly & Mike enough for getting me started on this. It’s pretty amazing.

And I’ve only got 108.2 pounds to go!

(p.s. I’m not really pushing Isagenix, I just know it works. I have proof. It’s right there in that readout on the scale. If you’re like me and you’ve had issues with weight, you might at least give it a try.)






5 responses to “Seventy Freaking Pounds”

  1. david Avatar

    DAMN, Kevin. That is an amazing accomplishment, and you rightly are proud of it. If and when I finally shove my arse out of my comfy chair and couch and actually begin doing something about my ever-expanding waist-size, know that your success has been part of my motivation.

  2. Kelly Avatar

    Congratulations Kevin! Isagenix is amazing, but you are even more amazing.

  3. Kevin Hamm Avatar

    David, the real change comes from knowing it can change not from anything else. Forever it seemed like it was going to be a massive waste of energy for nothing, but now, it’s just simple and working. Trust me, if I can do this, and I am doing this, anyone can. And it’s really amazing to be about 4 months away from being able to shop in the normal sections of the store, instead of the Fat & Mutant department.

  4. david Avatar

    Thanks Kev…words of wisdom.

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