Seeing RED.

It’s been a long while since I’ve had a break to spend time writing about my life. So long, in fact, that my friends in Maine have begun to wonder if I’m dead. No such luck, babes, no such luck. Just been incredibly busy with RED and things are going quite well.

It just didn’t seem that way until recently. In fact, it seemed almost hopeless until just a few days ago. Three days ago, to be precise. But all the work that was put into the magazine appears to be paying off, and it seems that it’s launching soon, and we’re very excited about it. Not the least of it because it becomes a *real* job for me now, and not just a “I’ll help and we’ll see” situation, which of course means I’m getting PAID!

So this officially begins a new chapter in my life. I’ve been a student, worked in a hotel, served in several restaurants, worked in many offices and suffered through the stupidity of corporate America, been in marketing and advertising, created videos and worked on films, and now I’m in the magazine business. It’s all been interesting, some of it more than others, and the education that I’ve gotten in the past 16 years (holy balls!) I wouldn’t be able to find at any University in the world.

But more on that later. RED is coming to Houston, and it’s only a moment in time before we paint your town, too!






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