… schmaverick.

I’ve been avoiding this post because I think that my mom might have an aneurism and my dad might just have to call me to explain why I’m so wrong about this that I’m crazy, and if I’m right about this, than there is nothing good left in The Universe.

I feel the opposite. The only way McCain is truly a maverick is if my thinking is true.

Obama represents change. Can he deliver? Maybe. He’s not done anything but let people know he’s there, which is a bit disconcerting. He needs to actually do something to change the world, which would require decisions be made, stances be taken and held, and disagreements be as they are. You won’t win every fight, you won’t get everyone to agree, and forcing 100% consensus is a quick way to the wrong destination. Obama has to step up and actually BE something, take stands, and piss of the opposition to really be change. Otherwise, he’s just pretty wind.

McCain once lamented that he told a lie in a campaign. He railed against W. and tried to stop him from being the candidate. He felt the cruel sting and gag affected by the Fundies of the right. He was cast out, despised and derailed, but not beaten. He saw, he learned, and he adapted.

McCain spoke out about waste, government stupidity and why good ol’ fashioned republican values of limiting the government and making the people more responsible is a good thing. People heard, but didn’t listen. So he probably felt a bit of dejá vu. Unable to change his surroundings for others, he did what he’s learned to do – wait it out and play the game.

Now he panders, where he never did before. He’s lying, which he didn’t before. And for the last eight years, he’s stood tall behind W. and supported him in every insanity that W. & Cheney could dream up. Faith-based programs funded by the government? Yes. Sex-ed that denies sex? Yes. Illegal search and seizure? Why not?

And in his head, he’s thinking, “You want some more rope, fucker? Here! Take all you need. Hang the lot of ya!” and he’s doled out yard after yard of finely-made hemp-but-not-pot-plant-because-we-have-a-War-On-Drugs-too rope. And the gang that took the Grand Old Party and made it the Greedy, Obnoxious Perps, gathered the rope. Fast.

And then, things started to slip. He might win. He stood a decent chance. And if he won, he’d be stuck, a figurehead to a system that he despised and unable to affect the change he knows is needed. The change that, he believes, can come from Obama. He had to do something, something to bring the Fundies back to the table, something to get them going and rabid, again. He had to choose a running mate that, at first glance, seemed ok. That, at first speech, seemed reasonable. That, upon closer inspection, becomes a mirror for the fundies. A mirror that shows their shallow hearts, their squalid minds and their cruel intentions right back at them.

Some will see what they always see; what they want to see. Pity them.

And some, some will see that reflection of themselves in and pause. They will think. They will look at their families, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and strangers on the street and realize that being from a small-town isn’t a hurdle to overcome to become the president. In fact, being from a small-town isn’t an issue at all. It’s being small-minded that’s a problem. And they will back away from the rabid masses of fundies who, for eight years, have lead us astray.

I think McCain is being a true maverick, in that he’s throwing this election to get the Fundies out of power. He’s going to lose, and lose because he’s put central the issues that make the Fundies the most dangerous people world-wide. It’s not Islam that’s dangerous, it’s the fundamental née wahabi branch of Islam preached and proselytized by war-mongering idiots that’s dangerous. It’s not Republicans who are dangerous, it’s the fundamental Christians who use religion as a weapon against those they fear and hate who are a problem. And McCain, the maverick, might just have realized that the only way to take away their power is to drag them into the blinding spotlight and show them for the diseased, demented, dangerous low-lifes they really are. McCain is throwing the election because we need change. He’s a maverick, and supports Obama.

Or a relatively large chunk of the country is rooting for a lunatic. I prefer my version of events. What say you?






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