Russian Rainbows

crayons__by_aiirobreeze1I’ve been spending a little time thinking about the Russian issues that are happening right now, and I’ve got to say, I think the west has disastrously underestimated the political will of Vladimir Putin and his thugs in the Kremlin. The idea they aren’t a very real threat is now laughable. The proof is in the targeting of LGBT citizens of the world, but it’s not there alone. It’s also in the targeting of gay propaganda.

LGBT people are of every race, of every creed, of every nation, of every color, and of every walk of life. The things that make us LGBT are sometimes flamboyant, sometimes subtle or invisible. There is no one thing that makes us who we are, but our tribe is vast and varied, and it’s diversity is impressive. It is, and in many ways always has been, our greatest strength.

It’s also been our greatest weakness, because it allowed for many members of our tribe to remain hidden while those who couldn’t hide were forced to stand up and fight. Often alone. Our history has many poignant moments when we were targeted, and when you look at who the targets are, they are the ones who stand out the most. It was drag queens and street kids who fought back at the Stonewall Inn – not because they chose to, but because they had to. They were the targets. Those who could hide, did.

As they are doing now, in Russia.

Putin’s law is not about LGBT citizens.

Putin’s law is about having a weapon he can point at anyone at anytime and destroy them.

Yes, he’s chosen to scapegoat the LGBT citizens, and our allies, and that’s a gross injustice in and of itself. He can use those laws on anyone, at any time, because either he has proof that they have supported the LGBT community in some way (propaganda) or he can claim they are gay, have someone else lie about being propositioned by the accused, and have them locked up and out of his way for many years.

Again, LGBT people are of every race, of every creed, of every nation, of every color, and of every walk of life. You can’t identify all us by the shape of our nose, the color of our eyes, the turn of our cheek or the way we walk.  Sure, there are some stereotypes that you can assign to us, and I’m sure that the Russian government is going to do just that, but there are people who aren’t LGBT who can have those stereotypes applied to them, too.

This law isn’t just targeting LGBT citizens and our allies. It’s targeting every Russian, and it’s doing it in a way that any defense against the law can easily be framed as breaking the very same law.

So maybe you don’t know any LGBT people. Doesn’t matter. This law targets you, too. You might want to consider that when you order your next drink.






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