Robbed of Rob

Robinson Loder Ah, I probably shouldn’t be clever with the title, but he would have enjoyed it as he was just as clever, and just as likely to say something funny, brilliant, profound or warm. I guess that’s the best way to remember Robinson Loder, a good friend to everyone he met. I worked with Rob on several projects while at ATX, and he is basically the antithesis of my personality. He was quiet, calm, polite, humble, caring, giving and dedicated. He was cool enough to hang with anyone and strong enough in himself to not need to hang with everyone. He was very much one of the cornerstone people for my time at ATX and in Maine. We started right at the same time, although we didn’t meet for a few months because we worked in different buildings. Having chronological employee numbers that are visible to everyone makes it easy to notice that someone you thought just started has been there as long as you. That was a fun lunch, finding out that we’d been toiling away on various projects and just hadn’t crossed paths yet.

Rob was always welcome at my lovely apartment across the street from the main ATX building. My apartment was called Conference Room 6, and although Rob was an almost rare addition to the, *ahem*, meetings, he joined us enough to be a regular regardless. Several of his visits are some of the more memorable CR6 moments for me, and perhaps that’s what sucks the most – knowing that there won’t be another meeting that becomes a night of laughing and hanging out with some of the most amazing people around. Rob was one of those, and we are all better for having known him.

Rob, I wish you safe travels to heaven. And I really wish you were still here, dammit!



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  1. cowboyram Avatar

    Wow. What a shocker. I was Rob’s roomate and friend during my senior year and his sophmore year at the University of Maine, Farmington. I had lost touch with him years ago and just for kicks googled his name to see if I could find out what he was up to now. I was very surprised at what I found. I wanted to reply to the post to let you know just how much Rob touched the lives of those even before you met him.

    Rob and myself lived in the back of this old farmhouse that had been converted into apartments–the cheapest one bedrooom I’ll ever rent– . Rob was very involved in the Theatre at University of Maine. He worked both behind the scenes and on stage in various producations. He was also part of the traveling theatre group that the University had put together. We went around the state to various elementary schools performing and Rob was one of the drivers of the van that carted us around. A particular funny moment in our travels was one post-snowing week we got lost and Rob whent to u-turn the van in this parking lot on a slight incline. We got stuck. Even that experience Rob brought his calmness and good humor to until we were able to get the van free.

    We often had cast and Christmas parties at the apartment that we shared and often went out to local diner; Irvings during late nights. He was then as you describe him now a very loving, thoughtful and caring individual. Numerious parties and outings with him ringed with laughter, funny stories and good humor. He was a great friend and a terrific roomate. Memories of our time together still bring smiles to my face and forever will.

  2. Kevin Hamm Avatar

    Thank you so much for adding this. I still can’t believe that he’s gone…

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