Rick Blessinger Memorial SAA Golf Tournament

I don’t golf.

Well, that’s not true. I don’t golf well, by any stretch of the imagination. If I could swap my bowling score and my golf scores, I’d be the only person in the world with a bowling score over 400. But I digress.

I don’t golf. But I’m doing this tournament. A bunch of friends are doing it as well, and I’m walking with them. There may or may not be booze involved. Regardless, it’ll be a bunch of fun. You should totally enjoy it. So join us. Download the form, send in your money, and then join us for a Friday that won’t suck at work.

Plus, it’s a fund-raiser for the Saints Athletic Association, which is a group of us who love the athletics at Carroll so much we raise funds to cover scholarships for the student-athletes. So you get to have fun and do good for others. It’s what Jesus would want you to do, so do it.






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