Rather than a Sochi boycott

johnny_weir_olbermann-thumb-250xauto-31783First off, if Johnny had shown up wearing a Nazi uniform in an interview in 1936 saying we shouldn’t boycott the Olympics, let’s imagine how history would judge him. The term ‘quisling’ springs to mind. He’s out of line with this, and why Olbermann is letting him off by not bringing it up is astounding.

Yes, it’s a costume meant to provoke. Fine. He provokes me. His classless misunderstanding of the dangers faced by LGBT Russians, and their allies, is so fatiguing I may slip into a coma and never recover. How can anyone so miserably misinformed be given a stage to spout ignorance… oh never mind. I forgot we were living in insanity.

Aside from being a self-centered, self-indulgent child, Johnny also doesn’t understand how politics works, why boycotts work, and how they are really quite useful tools for minorities or those out of power to affect change. One would guess it’s because he’s spent more of his time practicing his skating than learning history, and that’s fine for the most part, but should be included in a simple handout given to Keith Olbermann, entitled “Reasons Johnny Weir Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Pontificate On History”. This wouldn’t be a thick pamphlet, but would probably be at least two full pages, including at least one pic of Johnny being exceedingly gay  –  doing a Triple Lutz, or a Salchow, or his husband, Victor Voronov. Putin likes to call this “propoganda”.

And why hasn’t his Russian/Jewish husband spoken out? I really would love to hear what he has to say, mostly because his heritage is combined with both the current and the past, and he’s a graduate of Georgetown Law. One would hope he has a better grasp on policy than dear, sweet, Johnny. But I digress.

Ok, we shouldn’t boycott the olympics. We should move them. As the political will doesn’t exist to make that happen, we should be more creative and much more slap-Putin-in-the-punim.

Here’s what we do: everyone who is LGBT and those who support us, and who are Olympians, should be given diplomatic status, a.k.a. Diplomatic Immunity, for their time in Russia during the Olympics. Then they can be as flamboyant and out-there as they want, and Russia can’t do a damn thing about it.

The requirement is that EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of them is required to wear rainbows, hold hands, kiss their lovers in public, and, above all, WIN. WIN ALL THE BRONZES, SILVERS AND GOLDS. WIN ALL THE THINGS!

And they should also make an toast from the podium, with Skyy!







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