A Principled Brand

Well, our Bolo-wearing Governor has removed any doubt about what’s going to happen to the budget bill if it arrives as it’s currently looking – it will be bound up, held down, branded with his new brand, and sent back to the cesspool that is our currently legislative body.

You can’t blame him for it, because holy balls, that bill is a mess. His main complaint? Saying no to around $100 Million in Federal Funds.

Oh, the TeaBagger nutjobs are saying that we shouldn’t accept that money, because it’s from taxes and those taxes are bad, and blah blah blah. Yeah, those taxes are bad, but guess what? We already paid them, you quarter-wit. We can get that money back into this state and support our population in ways that keep our state sound, and you’re saying no on principle. Principle doesn’t help people to eat, be warm or get an education. Or stay healthy.

Principles aren’t where you end the discussions, it’s where you start them. And if you’re a truly principled person, you realize that standing on principles when reality doesn’t align just makes you a fool. Yes, you’re a principled fool, but a fool nonetheless.

The one thing you haven’t seen this session is a group of people willing to work with everyone. This is kinda on both sides, but as I’ve seen the foolish, heartless, lashing attacks that have come from the right, I can’t really fault the left for not leaving it’s hand outstretched to continue to be whipped and bitten by those idiots on the right.

Now is the time for that hand to be extended again. And for the right to put down their pitchforks about progressives and liberals, and instead admit that they don’t like to see people suffer either, and while it’s a touch economy, there are better things to cut than heat, food, and immunizations for the poor.

Most importantly, the Legislature needs to remember that they are the Montana Legislature, and saying no to Federal Funding is foolish in the extreme. All Montanans pay into the federal tax system, and getting money back out, even it that money then has to be used for programs that they don’t 100% agree with, is a good thing.

So, to the GOP, here’s the thing. You can have your principles, and you can deal with reality, and no one will fault you for it. However, if you try to ride your principles like a horse, you’ll find it to be the same horse a beggar rides.

Can you brand an imaginary horse? We might find out.






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  1. david Avatar

    I’m not a huge fan of Schweitzer – but I really do admire his showmanship and public speaking. The man is darned good at it.

  2. Kevin Hamm Avatar

    I’m in the same boat, but I’m really happy he’s willing to make a stand that makes sense.

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