Point Blank Podiatry

Since we’re scheduled to have an election this fall, one begins to wonder when an incumbent is going to lose his mind and grab a bright, shiney new pistol and aim squarely for the topside of his collapsed arches and then, with great calmness and a soupçon of laissez-faire, shoot himself in the foot.

Denny, how’s your foot?

Even tho this election is one without presidents, senators or even a governor for us in Montana, we do get to elect a representative to the lower house of the United States Congress. As such, if you’re the incumbent and you’d like to keep your job, you would perhaps pick up on the fact that your race is the biggest in the state. Your office will be the most contested, and anything and everything you do will be scrutinized.

Drunk on a boat and a staffer is nearly killed? Well, sure, but that was more than a year ago, people might have forgotten it. Mostly they’ve forgotten who was driving—Denny wasn’t but who is gonna go look it up? Now they’ll remember it happened, without the details, and will wonder if it was swept under the rug using the power of your office.

Then you sue the fire department because of how the fire fighters responded, er, well, finished responding to your fire? Are you high? Even if the lawsuit has merit, the fire was in 2008, so for fuck’s sake, you should have filed last year right about the time you hit your head with the boat. It’s never a good idea to sue Traditional American Heroes, but if you must, be smart about the timing. Do it in a non-election year because people forget in a year.

People remember idiocy when you give them a reason to, and this most certainly will give them a reason. Bye-bye, Denny.






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