Point Blank Podiatry–Round 2

Senator Chuck Schumer, the flying douchebag of that reviled body, has taken it upon himself to send a letter to Apple, er, well, actually, to Steve Jobs, and as you can see, he’s lost his fucking mind.

Let’s be quite clear, the only reason that Chucky has for sending this letter is to ride the publicity bandwagon that is currently re-enacting Custer’s Last Stand. The problem is that Chucky is playing on the side that is currently being lead by a blond into battle against forces of which they know nothing about. Forces that come with a ton of fucking manpower and good-will, not to mention Chuck’s own god, MONEY. Jobs is currently trying on headdresses to see which looks best for tomorrow’s press conference, and you can bet there will be arrows shot, with accuracy normally reserved for lasers.

Politicians should know better than anyone that the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” just isn’t true in politics. Bad publicity in politics makes “Santorum“. Why the hell would you do this to yourself? It might not be an election year for you, but putting yourself in a position where a company that has 30+ BILLION laying about after the SCOTUS has ruled that businesses can spend all the money they want in politics is just fucking stupid.

Next time, just grab the pistol and shoot a nice hole in your foot. People can handle the blood. They can’t handle the stupid.






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