Opera Theater of Oregon

Opera Theater of Oregon It’s something that I need to comment on, but haven’t had a chance with all the stuff that is going on with RED right now (more on that later, I promise!). However, OTO is absolutely the best idea to hit classical music in about 45 years. Maybe 50.

Anyway, OTO is the organization that is striving to bring opera to the masses by doing an educated outreach program that includes a Young Artist Studio working on shorter productions giving each artist a chance to shine, and also producing the mainstay operas, like La Traviata, sung in English so that everyone can understand them. For this, Angela Niederloh and Amy Russell Cathey deserve great praise and support.

And support is what you should give. So go to the site and give them some cash. It’s a tax deductible donation, so you’re helping the arts and stopping the waste of money in Washington at the same time. What could be better?






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