ooShirts is not for anyone

In case you missed the first part, read my rant about the crap service received from ooShirts.

Done? Dandy.

After the shirts arrived they were good. Not outstanding, and nothing that we couldn’t have gotten here in Montana with a bit more time.

Time was the issue.

You see, we needed them in a rush, and none of the locals could meet the deadline. The liars at ooShirts said they could, but they couldn’t. The shirts arrived a day late.

And let me clarify, I don’t think the lovely CSR’s I talked to were deliberately lying, the system at ooShirts makes them liars.

Splitting hairs? Maybe, but here’s the thing: ooShirts is the consumer-facing side of the company, but Shirts.io is the developer side of the business. Shirts.io is trying to get developers to include their API into business sites across the land in the hopes to capture more of the lucrative t-shirt printing business. And they use the same system.

Well, if the system fails when it’s being hand-held by real, live people, can you imagine how bad it will be when you add the Shirts.io (cr)API to your business, and something fails? And something will fail, it’s the way of the world, and everyone gets that, but when it does fail, there’s no excuse for having a customer service team that

  1. has no visibility into the system to actually troubleshoot a problem,
  2. can’t actually change anything after certain points in the production, so you could easily be beyond screwed, and,
  3. can’t even offer an explanation that relieves a customer’s distrust of doing business with them.

Yes, I’m a bitch. Let’s get that out in the open right off the bat. But that doesn’t mean I’m not right, because really, the only thing I wanted, or needed, was the knowledge that they:

  1. knew what had failed, when, where and how, and
  2. knew how to get around it so that future orders wouldn’t be fucked up.

They didn’t know either of those, and so it’s come to this:

  • I have asked for a refund, and while I haven’t gotten what I think is fair (a complete refund of shipping fees is what I feel is fair, they figured reducing it to regular shipping and refunding another $80 is fair, so they still got approximately a hundred in shipping fees paid by us), I’m going to live with it.
  • I will be telling everyone, including the hacker groups that I’m near and around and a part of about everything that they’ve done wrong and to avoid using their (cr)API because they can’t really see what it does, so when things go wrong you will lose your customers.
  • I’m going back to dealing with local businesses for a while. I like the net, and I think it’s made some amazing things, but when it comes to having a business relationship, it’d be better if we could shake on it. And that requires that I bring my hand into the same state, at least, with yours.

So, adios ooShirts, it was a nice try, but in the end, your inability to own your mistakes and give even the most superficial assurance that it wouldn’t happen again has left a sour note hanging in the air.






2 responses to “ooShirts is not for anyone”

  1. Lauren Avatar

    My name is Lauren, I’m a representative of ooShirts, and I’d like to apologize for the problems that occurred with your order. The order was placed as a super rush delivery, but the shirts were late to their destination by a single day.

    Our resolution to make good on this transaction was to refund the cost of super rush delivery, and additionally we gave back 10% of the original order price.

    We do our best to make our customers happy, and we’re sorry that you had a bad experience. We hope that you’ll forgive our mistake, and we would still like to invite everyone else to give us a chance.

    If you or anyone reading this emails support@shirts.io and makes an account at https://www.shirts.io/, we will have an account manager contact you and set up a $100 account credit so you can get started risk free.

  2. Kev Hamm Avatar

    Lauren, maybe you can go through and figure out how it failed. But until and unless that happens, I won’t be recommending or using you. It’s a simple thing to analyze a system and find a break-point, and either you do that and then fix it, or you don’t and don’t.

    Please, do that. I would love nothing more than to have another option in my toolset.

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