On My Own

It’s been a week, and I finally have a real bed, although I still haven’t managed a way to make my laundry into something less than a disaster, although it has not reached a FEMA yet. What’s odd is how often I hear something, be it a creaking step or a car driving past, that it makes me think that The Cheerleader is home and we can chit chat. Only problem is that this is my home, but not hers. She still lives at her house, with her husband. As she should. But the fact that I’m looking makes me wonder just how well I’m going to like living alone for this next year. I signed a lease, and I’m sure I’ll be fine, I just don’t like it completely. It’s about 80% good right now. And I guess that’s better than most people’s situations.

Aside from that, I still haven’t really finished my move, although I’m getting the last of it done tonight. Ciao4niao!







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