Oh, my aching sides!

I can’t stop laughing at this. I am trying to find a shred of “I feel sorry for her” in me, but I can’t because I don’t. This is what discrimination is about.

I would posit that Kris Hansen is about to find out what it’s like to be gay even if she actually turns out to be straight. Because, you see, Kris, discrimination is not about who or what you are as a person, it’s about how another sees and reacts to the things that make you that person. And you can’t control another’s reaction, you can only hope that they are decent enough human beings to not let their initial reactions cause you harm. And you can outlaw the harm that their initial reactions could cause you.

But Kris, you wanted to repeal those exact protections. So you see, I can get away with saying I won’t do business with you because you’re a lesbian, and you have no legal recourse in Helena. NONE. You don’t even have the legal recourse of “proving you’re not a lesbian” as it’s my perception that matters, and my reaction to that perception is perfectly legal because back-stabbing, hateful, self-loathing morons like you keep us from getting these protections. This is the first day of the beginning of your road through hell. You chose the path. I hope you enjoy the view.

By the way, I had NOTHING to do with this, even tho I am friends with Joe and have posted on his site, I’m not the tipster in this case. I can say I’ve heard the same things, and more, that make this all the more funny, but I didn’t make this happen.







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