Offense noted; And well-deserved

So our famously wild governor took the #MTLeg to task for the bullshit “we’re losing our shirts” rhetoric that was espoused by the Republicans this last session, and there’s this tidbit:

MT State Senator Dave Lewis countered, “I think that’s terribly rude to suggest that public servants would stoop to fraud and deceit. They don’t. They do their job and that’s all that’s required. Again, I am offended by the Governor’s rude remarks.”

You know who else does their jobs, and often much more than just their jobs? Teachers. State workers. Some of whom you even know, you insulting, hypocritical douchebag.

So Dave, you can be as offended as you want by Schweitzer’s remarks, and you know what, you can be as butt-hurt and whiney at what I’m going to tell you as well: You’re nothing but a brazenly idiotic tool who can’t take what he dishes. You’re just fucking sad because what Schweitzer says about you is true, but notice that Schweizter called out the Legislature, while you retaliated with words trying to cover your own ass with the term “public servants”. I haven’t forgotten what you’ve said, over and over again about teachers and state workers, and it’s patently false. You’re a complete waste of space and air, and I hope, with all the power of the void where my heart should be, that you’re one day recognized at the DMV, and shown exactly what happens when real public servants don’t do their work.

Dave Lewis apparently is full-up on water-and-vinegar, what a surprise.






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  1. Pogie Avatar

    And, of course, it’s almost impossible to count the number of times and various ways that Republicans claimed that Governor Schweitzer was acting in a fraudulent or deceitful manner.

    I don’t remember Dave’s denunciation of any of those remarks. Of course, he was pretty busy defunding schools and the safety net.

  2. Kevin Hamm Avatar

    Yeah, I got yelled at for this post because I’ve insulted someone who isn’t one of the bad guys, apparently.

    But then I remember:

    all that must happen for evil to win is for good men to do nothing

    and I not only don’t feel bad, I think I should have been meaner. — shocker, I know.

  3. Cora Avatar

    It’s the tactic we’re going to see all over the country now. Conservatives, Republicans, T-partiers are going to sabotage the dems efforts to fix the economic problems by blocking legislation, spreading rumors, and blasting the public with messages that are patently false, and solutions for economic recovery that all schooled, experienced, and Nobel laureate economists support. Indeed, if there is enough damage done to the economy in the next year, the voting public will have no one to blame but the head of the current administration. It’s the Republicans master plan for winning the White House.

    The trickle-down theory at work here is that the tactic is at the state level too: Blame the democratic administrations for the poor recovery, convince the public “the sky is falling,” throw enough insults around that it starts to stick and the masses start believing. Good for Schweitzer for pointing it out. Wish Obama would.

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