I’ve been watching as the news of the Occupy Wall Street group has spawned across the nation to Occupy Much Of The Nation, and I still can’t see what it’s really doing. I’m all for ruining the power base of the oligarchs of our country, and I suspect that’s the long-term goal for this movement, as it seems mostly made up of the disillusioned and angered folks who, back in 2008, voted for Hope & Change.

But has Obama really done that bad?


I suspect the real problem is that when he actually got to the White House he staffed up with people who had “done this before” and they set about doing business-as-usual for his administration. Some of the curtains are different, and hell, the website is light-years beyond what’s ever been there before, and he’s got a youtube channel, and a twitter, and it almost looks like they get it, but then you realize that all they’ve done is repackage the old shit and told us it’s new.

Which is what Wall Street did with those securities. And when the securities failed, people were pissed, and our economy screeched to a halt.

Obama missed the one opportunity to shine the light of day into the workings of government by actually forcing everyone else to use the same media tools he’s using, but in a defensive mode. You don’t think for an instant the negotiations for the debt ceiling were pretty, unless you’re an idiot. But think about how less ugly they’d be if every single time the congressional leaders sat down with the president every fucking word out of both faces on their heads would have been recorded and available for We, The People to review.

Just imagine how much bullshit can’t happen when you can’t hide behind closed doors.

Justice Scalia noted that “running a democracy takes a certain amount of civic courage.” and it’s so fucking true that for this one quote I’m willing to forgive him some of the idiocy that’s fallen forth from his lips. Not all of it, but a healthy chunk.

So it’s time to stop letting the people we’ve elected hide behind closed doors and do things that are harmful to the majority just because it’s necessary to re-enforce the power-base of the oligarchy. I realize it takes a ton of money to run for office, and that money is going to come from industry in a lot of cases. That’s fine, they can support someone who won’t harm them, but buying our Senators and our Representatives is not right, and must end.

What you’ll find, soon enough, is that the room you used to hide in to negotiate those sticky, icky, little things that are bad for the people of this country are no longer open to you. You’ll have to do the right thing, or continue to do the wrong thing, in the light of day where we can see you. Because those hidey-holes are now occupied.






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  1. david Avatar

    Good point – except and only in cases of national security or stuff that REALLY needs to be “hush hush,” there is no reason for the “back room dealings” and such to be done private – they should be done in public, and broadcast either via TV or online.

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