No So Fast, Boehner

Ok, so we all know that the US Department of Justice has finally pulled its head out of its ass and figured out that DOMA is beyond unconstitutional and should just be left for dead since, as we also know, the current Congress couldn’t remove its collective head from its massive ass without a Rockette’s kickline of Jaws-Of-Life doing some series retraction moves. Again, no real surprises.

But then you have our Weeping Oompah-Loompah Speaker John Boehner, who currently leads the House of Representatives. I say that because apparently some people, the illustrious Speaker included, have forgotten that there is another half of congress, that being the fucking Senate.

And the Senate is not controlled by the douchebags of the world, it’s controlled by the wimps. Apparently.

Look, Boehner has said that he’s going to have the House defend DOMA. That’s not legal. The House can take a bill and pass it as a law, but then it has to go the Senate, go through the same process, and then, if approved, be sent to the President for signature or veto or defacto (defacto being the president doesn’t sign the bill, but doesn’t veto it either, so it becomes law after a certain amount of time, current this is 10 days).

The House cannot defend a bill on it’s own. Congress can defend a bill, but that requires the House to move in concert with the Senate, something that we’ve not seen. We’ve also not seen the Senate step up and slap the House around for thinking it’s in charge of everything, and I’m wondering why.

Now, I could be wrong on this, and perhaps the individual houses of Congress can act outside of passing legislation on their own. I would like to see precedent on this, and I can’t find any, although that could easily be due to the internet failing me on a Tuesday morning. I sometime forget some of the basics of how our government works, but I’m pretty sure I got this one. The Congress acts as one branch of government, even though it is made of two distinct bodies. It cannot, therefore, act as two separate branches, each with equal power and abilities, in place of the Executive or Judicial.

So Boehner is not only being a bigot, wasting money and time, and proving he’s not fit to lead, he’s also breaking the law of the land. Why is no one calling him on it?






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