NINETY POUNDS OF (mis-delivered) WEED!

I won’t tell you where, but you can figure it out if you know me. If you don’t, well, just imagine this and you’ll be duly impressed anyway. The Cheerleader informed me that a company received 90 lbs. of weed via FedEx on Monday.

This is so unusual that:

  1. The people at the office thought they were being set up by either the government or their employer.
  2. The office smelled AMAZING the entire day, but no one was willing to actually test the grade of the weed
  3. The FedEx guy didn’t know a thing – apparently either he’s never smelled pot before or he was too high to realize there was something more there.
  4. When called, the local police department thought it was a joke and didn’t respond until AFTER THE SECOND CALL!

But, the all-time best moment of this story comes from the fact that the box with the pot was misdelivered to this particular office only because this business deals with large mechanical parts that are generally delivered in boxes that are big enough to hold 90 pounds of ganga. From what has been told to us since, the cops have caught the sender, but not the intended recipient. And just how does one explain away losing that much weed?

So yeah, one more reason to avoid doing drugs – they make you amazingly dumb. FedEx them?! OMG!






6 responses to “NINETY POUNDS OF (mis-delivered) WEED!”

  1. Lori Hamm Avatar
    Lori Hamm

    That was truly interesting – but I have a question on another subject. Are you going to audition? I don’t think you would want to try for the title role – well, hell – why not!

  2. KevinMichael Hamm Avatar

    Audition for what?

  3. Lori Hamm Avatar

    Duh. The Pirate Queen.

  4. KevinMichael Hamm Avatar

    Did you read the synopsis of the musical? Obviously not, but no, sadly, this Pirate Queen of which my mother doth speak was an Irish woman clan chief during the time of Elizabeth the Oneth, who was a times a pirate, profiteer, pain in the ass and probably several other things, as well as a leader, warrior, politician, etc. who fought to keep Ireland free of the English. I believe that she would be the real basis for that book you had, mom, called “Arrah of the Isle” that I asked you about waaaaaaaaaaaay long ago. Remember it?

  5. Lori Hamm Avatar

    I did read the synopsis of the musical. What part of type casting aren’t you getting? You’ve got “pain in the ass” and queen down real well. Note toward the end of the synopsis they describe Q. Liz as “pale and slight (or something to that effect)and Gracie as big and dark (or large and in charge, or something like that), so I figured you have your choice depending on how your yoga program is going. So what’s the problem? (Just teasing! teehee!) BTW – I have absolutely no idea of what book you are referring to. Sorry.

  6. Laurie Avatar

    Yay, comedy! Of course! It makes perfect sense. Somewhere between the two (using notes and total ad hoc) you will find your perfect “sweet spot” and… look out world …

    Wish i could see it!!
    Love, Laurie

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