Nicely done, Hillary

So, Hillary responds to the announcement that clippy Ralph Nader will fuck up your homework run for President again. Could someone just take him out to the woodshed and clear up his thinking?

Anyway, the press, being the fantastic people that they are, told the candidates what had happened to get their reactions. And while none of them are surprising, Hillary did an amazingly clean dismissal of Ralph, with the following (from the New York Times):

She added, “I didn’t know that he had said that this morning. Obviously it’s not helpful to whoever our Democratic nominee is. But it’s a free country and I don’t know what party he’ll run on. What did he run on last time, does anybody remember?

The Green Party, a reporter replied.

“Well, you know his being on the Green Party prevented Al Gore from being the greenest president we’ve ever had,” Mrs. Clinton said. “And I think that’s really unfortunate.”

Without being insulting, or evil, or even really catty, she showed exactly how everyone should feel about this twat.






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