News, Changes and Elves Abound

Ok, so I’ve not been posting, not been writing, not been anything for a month. It’s been a nice break as my life has taken a wild turning not expected by anyone, least of all me. However, I’m not ready to go into that yet, so I’m just posting this for pure self-aggrandizement. Or self-help. Or plain greed. Something.

Anyway by posting a link to Mac App A Day, they’re going to let me know which apps are coming up 12 hours early (you might want to do the same thing on your blog). Since the people behind this are also behind My Dream App it would seem only fitting that, at the least, this will be interesting.

Also, I’m doing a bunch of back-end reworking of my site, and I’m moving to Django for this site, and that means I get to build the entire thing over again. Such bloody fun. I will post more soon!






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  1. macappaday Avatar

    As cool as it would be if we were behind MyDreamApp, we’re not. It’s still cool though!

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