News and crap that might matter

Sorry that it’s been such a crap week in the world of Hamm-on-blogging, but the world is a’changin’ and frankly, who has the time to write about all the things that have happened while the Holidays were here to mess with us. There will be some news, really, I just can’t say what, yet. Patience.






2 responses to “News and crap that might matter”

  1. Lori Hamm Avatar

    Patience – ok – but I’ll need it right now.

    Love You!

  2. Lori Hamm Avatar

    I have received a call from the Blog Readers Association for Technical Superiority (BRATS)and they asked me to tell you that it is required that you update your blog every so often or they will get mad and stomp their feet and other stuff. Besides we want to read something different every year or so.

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